G Chord and G Chord Variations on Guitar

G Chord and G Chord Variations on Guitar

G Chord and G Chord Variations on Guitar

In this post we will examine how to play the g chord and g chord variations on guitar. The G major chord is perhaps one of the most commonly used chords. Like all major chords, it is made up of only three notes. In the case of G, the notes are G, B and D.

The key of G, the G Chord is the tonic. In the key of D, the G chord is the II chord and in the key of C, the G chord is the V chord. Technically, it is a G7 chord.

Perhaps one of the reasons the G chord is so popular among guitar players is because the number of open strings that make up the chord. In fact, you can play a G chord on guitar with no fingers at all!

Easy G Chord

Easy G Chord

Maybe the heading should be Easiest G Chord instead of Easy G Chord but yes, all three notes are on these open strings. This technically be considered an inversion because the lowest note is D (the 5th) not the G (tonic). But it is a G Chord!

We will look at more easy G Chord later, but first, lets looks at the more common forms.

Open G Chord

G Chord Open Position

Three fingers and six notes! You gotta love the full sound you get with this chord. In fact, I would bet most guitar players hit this first when they strap on their instruments.

G Barre Chord

G Chord Variations

For new guitarists, this is a somewhat challenging chord at first. However, this G Major Barre chord is a movable chord shape. Play it at the fifth fret and you have an A Major Barre Chord.

G Power Chord

That’s a lot of power chords. What is a power chord? It is just two notes of the chord, in the case of G, you only play G and D. Sometimes, you play an extra G.

Power chords are popular in rock and punk rock because of their simplicity. Since the third is left out, they are technically not major or minor.

G Chord D Shape

G for Beginners

This version of the G chord uses the same shape we use for the D chord in the open position.

G Chord C Shape

These G Chords use the open position C chord shape. This chord shape is common among acoustic guitarist and it also is nice if the next chord in the progression is E Minor.

More G Chord Variations

These are some relatively easy ways to play the G chord. Although they are easy, don’t worry about feeling like your cheating because they are still chords.

Some Songs in the Key of G

Below is a list of rock songs in the key of G. This is by no means, a comprehensive list of songs!

Also, check out a whole list of Beatles Songs in the Key of G.

Want to learn some more chords?

Ready to play some lead guitar in the key of G?

Keep on Picking!