C Chord Variations Guitar

Chances are, the first chord you learned on the guitar was C. There are a few reasons for that: the key of C has no sharps or flats, the open C chord only requires three fingers and you don’t have to barre any frets. Below we’ll look at 9 C chord variations for the guitar.

Below is the open C chord in the first position. If you don’t know this already, learn it now!

C Chord Variations Guitar

Below is a five note barre chord. This shape can be used up and down the neck for other chords. The root note is on the fifth string.

Here we look at the six string power house. A bit of a challenge if you are new to barre chords. However, it will fill a room when played correctly. This shape can also be played up and down the neck for other chords.

This C chord is similar to the “Open G” shape.

The voicing is a bit tricky at first but effective when mastered. This is another shape that can be used up and down the neck.

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Below are a series of triads based on the C chord.

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