Beatles Songs in the Key of C

Beatles Songs in the Key of C

Chances are, C is one of the first chords you learned on guitar. Now you are ready to learn some Beatles songs in C.

The list below is quite lengthy. Keep in mind, Am is the relative minor to C, so they are included as well. Also, the Beatles like to play medleys, so you may notice some of the songs change keys.

If you try to learn any of these songs by ear, chances are you will be using some of the other chords in the key of C:
Dm, Em7, F, G7, Am, and Bdim.

Of course, the Beatles were good at adding unique chords that you may not expect. Check out Chordify is you get stuck and want to see the chords to any of the songs.

10 Versions of the C Chord for Guitar

Baby You’re A Rich ManC
Bad BoyC
Blue Jay WayC
Can’t Buy Me LoveC
Carry That WeightC
Don’t Pass Me ByC
From Me To YouC
Getting BetterC
Glass OnionAm
Golden SlumbersAm/C
Happiness Is A Warm GunC
Hello GoodbyeC
Hey BulldogC/Cm
I Me MineAm
I’ll Follow The SunC
It’s Only LoveC
Let it BeC
Love You ToC
No ReplyC
Old Brown ShoeC/Am
Rocky RaccoonC
Sea Of TimeC/Fm/D/Em
Slow DownC
The Continuing Story Of Bungalow BillC/A/Am
Things We Said TodayAm/A
Tomorrow Never KnowsC
While My Guitar Gently WeepsAm/A
You Never Give Me Your MoneyAm/C/A
Your Mother Should KnowC/Am
Beatles Songs in C
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