How to Play the B Chord on Guitar

How to Play the B Chord on Guitar

How to Play the B Chord on Guitar

While a newbie may want to avoid it, eventually they will have to learn how to play the B chord on guitar. For many guitar students, the B chord may be their first chord with no open strings. To be honest, I don’t think any guitarist out their gets excited when they find out a song is in B. However for many us, our favorite key is E, so there is no escaping the B chord.

The notes of B chord are B (Root), Eb (Third) and Gb (Fifth).

The first version of the B chord we will look at is on the second fret. This chord requires two bars. If you find barring with your third finger challenging, you can substitute your second, third and fourth finger. The problem is you will need to use your second, third and fourth fingers!

B Chord on Guitar
B Chord Alternative Fingering

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B Chord Variations

This version employs all of the strings and gives you the fullest sound.

B major Chord Guitar

These next couple of chords are alternative ways to play the B chord at the second fret. There are many occasions where you don’t necassarily play a five or six note B chord – particularly in an ensemble.

B Chord Second Fret
B Major Easy

This next version is based on the open G chord.

B Guitar Chord

This next example employs the shaped use for an open D chord.

Easy B Chord

These next couple of shapes are based on the bar chord on the seventh fret. These will just use parts of the original bar chord.

B Partial Chord
Partial B Chord

Finally, we will look at some power chords. Just two or three notes but they are easy to play and very effective with a loud amp!

B Power Chord
B Power Chord Second Fret
Seventh Fret Power Chord B
B Power Chord Seventh Fret

Hopefully if you were looking to learn how to play the B chord on guitar, you now have some ideas. There are plenty of other shapes you can use as well, as long as you have a B, Eb and Gb, you’ll have a B chord.

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