How to Play C Chord on Ukulele

How to Play C Chord on Ukulele

In this lesson we look at how to play the C chord on ukulele a few different ways. C is generally the first note you learn on an instrument, so it makes sense to learn the C chord first. It really makes sense on a ukulele, because it only requires placing one finger on the fretboard.

Notes of the C Chord

The C major chord only has three notes: C, E, and G. The C is the root, E is the major third and the G is the fifth. Because there are only three notes, the C chord can be played in many locations and in many shapes on the ukulele.

Basic C Chord on Ukulele

How to play c chord on ukulele
How to Play C Chord on Ukulele

Yes, it is that simple! One finger on the third fret of the first string. This is why little kids can learn the ukulele. Just one thing to point out, use your ring finger for that one note.

Learn the F Chord on Ukulele

C Chord at the Third Fret on the Ukulele

How to play the c chord on ukulele

This one involves more fingers but it is important to learn. On a ukulele, as well as guitar, there are movable chord shapes. Once you master this shape, it can be played at another fret and be a whole new chord. Example, move this shape up two frets, you now have a D chord. So with a movable chord shape, you can play every major on the ukulele. This chord gets hard to play at the tenth fret, so this is why we learn other shapes.

C Chord at the Seventh Fret on the Ukulele

How to play the C Major Chord on ukulele

This one involves all four of your playing fingers and may feel a little awkward at first. But don’t you fret! (Yes, pun intended!) This is another movable chord form.

Find More C Chords on the Ukulele

If you are new to the ukulele, these three C chords should keep you busy. Master them and you are on your way to learn all the major chords on the uke.

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