How to Play the G Chord on Ukulele

How to Play the G Chord on Ukulele

In this post, you will learn how to the play G chord on ukulele. If you are new to strings instruments, the key is practice, practice, practice. The G chord is probably one of the first chords to learn. Incidentally, if you are a guitar player, your D chord is the uke’s G Chord.

Most Common G Chord Shape

How to Play the G Major Chord on Ukulele.
G Major Chord – Ukulele

You’ll notice we use the term G ‘major’ chord. This is the formal name but normally we will drop the word major.

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G Chord Variations for the Ukulele

There are times when it may make sense to play the G chord at another area of the neck on your ukulele. For instance, if the chord prior to the G is at the seventh fret, you may want to stay in that area. Also, if you are playing with another ukulele player, it can be nice to play different shapes of the same chords to add depth to the sound. After mastering the first chord shape above, the try the G chord variations below.

Understand these are G chords just like the first one, just at a different spot. If the music call for a G chord, any of the chords will be fine. The first two below are the same but the second one is a bar chord so your third finger is playing all the notes on the seventh fret.

G Chord Ukulele Variation
G Chord Variation
G Chord Variation Ukulele with a bar.
G Chord Variation – Same as above but with a bar.
G Chord on the 10th Fret - Ukulele
G Chord Variation

We hope this article is helpful. The G chord is used in many songs, therefore you want to master it. Knowing how to play it at different areas of the ukulele, will also help.

If this is the first ukulele chord you have learned, we suggest learning C and F chords next.

Keep on Picking!

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