How to Play an F Chord on Ukulele

How to Play an F Chord on Ukulele

If you looking to learn how to play the F chord on a ukulele you’ve come to the right place. For most ukulele students, the F chord is probably the second or third chord learned after the C chord. 

The notes of the F chord are:




F is the root note. A is the third and C is the fifth.

Open F Chord

The chord chart below depicts the most common way to play the F chord on ukulele. All four strings of the ukulele are played giving it a full sound. 

F Chord on Ukulele

This version is a simplified version of the F. You are simply not playing the A note on the fourth string. This is acceptable because you are still playing the A on the first string. 

Easy F Chord Ukulele

An even simpler version, this would be considered a partial chord or a power chord. With this chord we drop the A note. Power chords are popular on guitar when playing rock songs but they are usually playing on the lower strings.

F Power Chord Ukulele

F Chord Further Up the Neck

This version of the F chord is probably the most challenging due to the fact it is a bar chord. If you find the bar too challenging, the second chart shows you how to play with individual fingers.

F Chord third fret ukulele

Don’t be ashamed of not playing the bar version. Many serious uke players will opt for the non-bar versions.

Here is a simplified version leaving out the fourth string.

Easy F chord on ukulele

Even further up the neck we find another way to play the F chord. This requires a bar on the first and second string which most will find much easier than our bar on the fifth fret.

Here is a simplified version where we leave out the fourth string.

F Chord on Ukulele

Now, when it comes to the F chord on ukulele, you should be able to use any part of the neck.

Keep on Picking!

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