A Chord Variations on Guitar

A Chord Variations on Guitar

Here we will look at a number A chord variations on guitar. An A chord is made up of three notes: A, C#, and E.

The A chord is one of the first chords a new guitarist should learn. It is probably one of the first bar chords a guitar student will attempt.

Open A Barre Chord

The first version of the A chord we’ll look at uses a number of open strings, giving you a full sound. Notice I am including two ways to finger the chord. The bar(or barre) version is preferred but if this is too challenging, you can also use the three finger version.

A Chord Variations Guitar

Open A Chord Three Fingers

A Chord at Fifth Fret

The next version of the A chord we will look at will be at the fifth fret of your guitar.

We are using all six strings on this chord, so it may be a bit challenging at first but it sounds great when mastered.

The is a “moveable chord shape” – meaning if you keep your fingers in the same position but all on a different fret, it will be a different chord. Therefore, do this shape at the third fret and it is a G chord.

Most chord shapes are movable so let’s not get too hung on that point!

A Major Chord Guitar fifth fret

Beatles Songs in A Major

A Chord (C Shape)

Now let’s look at an A chord using the open C chord fingering. Our pinky finger is on the A at the twelfth fret. Try experimenting with playing just some of the notes of the chord. You can also the C# on the 9th fret on the high E string.

A Chord on Seventh Fret – Two Versions

The first version here is technically a partial A major chord because it does not include the C# or major 3rd not of the chord. The fingering is pretty easy. The second chord, is the complete chord but requires a little finger stretching.

A major chord at 7th fret.

A Major Chord at the 12th Fret

Here we start where we began but an octave higher. The frets are smaller here so it may be a little easier. To be honest, I don’t hit all the notes in general. Give it a try but forgive yourself if you miss some of the high notes.

A Major chord on 12th fret of guitar.

Keep on picking!